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This page is dedicated to providing key information about the 11+ exam in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions which are not answered here please email us at or visit our Facebook group Eleven plus (11+) exam Birmingham.


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I've heard that the 11+ exam is extremely hard. Will my child be able to pass? 

The 11+ exam is a challenging exam which does not suit all students. We would suggest that if your child has been identified as being academically bright by their school and are highly motivated they could be suitable for the 11+ exam.

When will my child sit the exam? 

They will sit the exam in September when they are in Year 6.

How can I prepare my child for the 11+ exam? 

The official guidelines suggest that the 11+ exam requires no preparation and suggest that parents should rely on their child's innate ability combined with what they have been taught at school to sit the test. We strongly disagree with this. As nearly all students who pass the 11+ have had some form of coaching we believe that your child will be at a severe disadvantage if they are not prepared beforehand. The exam is quite specific in its style and content and if your child is not experienced in this prior to sitting the exam we believe that they would be at a severe disadvantage. 

When should I start to prepare my child for the exam? 

When you start is dependent on your child's ability and how intense you want the course to be. If you are looking for a gentle pace of learning and want your child to be extra prepared you may want to look at starting them at Year 2 or 3. Year 4 is when most parents begin preparation as it gives a moderate pace of learning with the exam being in the not too distant future, which helps to keep some students more motivated. Alternatively if your child is self motivated and can handle an additional 3+ hours of work per week a Year 5 start may suit them. Please click here to see more details of our courses. 

How can I prepare my child for the exam? 

Our 11+ course is fully comprehensive and has been professionally written based on our decades of experience in 11+ tuition. With a 2018 success rate of over 85% we believe it is the perfect solution for parents seeking to enter their son or daughter for the 11+ exam. Please click here for further information. 

The 11+ exam in Birmingham and the surrounding areas is the CEM exam. What does this mean? 

The CEM 11+ is slightly different to other 11+ exams sat in other counties across the UK. It is written by the University of Durham and is a mainly multiple choice assessment. The University do not publish past papers and no official preparation materials are available however the key skills tested every year remain the same so despite what the official guidelines say it is possible to prepare your child for the exam. 

Our programme is based on years of experience of the CEM 11+. Through speaking to hundreds of our students after they have sat the exam we have a huge wealth of knowledge about what may come up and what style the questions are usually in. For more information about our course please visit our 11+ course page

What are the key dates for the eleven plus exam? 

The key dates for 2019 have not been published at the time of writing. However based on the past years registration for the 11+ has began around the start of May. The deadline for registration tends to be near the end of June. If your child has a disablilty or special requirement which means that they will need special resources to sit the test there is a deadline a few weeks before registration close for you to notify the panel.

The test is sat in the first few weeks of September when your child is in year 6 and results will be published early in October. This will be before the 31st October which is the deadline to hand in your Local Authority preference form. This is the form where you specify which schools you want to enter your child for in order of preference. 

To see last years dates and view the guidance booklet published by Birmingha Grammar schools consortium click here. Please note these are the dates for September 2019 entry. Once the 2020 dates have been released this website will be updated.