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  -DATES 2019 -

  • Thursday 25th April

11.30am - 1.30pm Harborne Academy, Birmingham.


  • Sunday 28th April                               

10am-12pm                         Harborne Academy,        Birmingham.    


  • Sunday 18th August      

10am-12pm                         Harborne Academy,        Birmingham.                                         

  • Thursday 22nd August   11.30am-1.30pm               Harborne Academy,        Birmingham. 

What are SLC Tuition's 11+ mock exams? 

Our mock exams are practise exams for children who are going to sit the 11+ entrance exam. They have been written professionally to be an accurate likeness of the real exam. 

Why does my child need to sit a mock exam? 

Sitting a mock exam is one of the best ways for your child to prepare for their real 11+ exam for several reasons. 

  • Mock exams enable children to get used to what will happen on the day of their real exam. This means they will feel more comfortable and relaxed in the exam which should allow them to concentrate more and achieve better results. 

  • The mock exam is marked by one of our dedicated team of well experienced tutors. Your child's marked paper will be used to generate a detailed report which you can then use to identify your child's areas of weakness. The report will contain important metrics such as their ranking against the rest of the cohort, individual scores in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning and details of the results spread within the cohort for these key areas. Our tutors will also use your child's paper to make personalised suggestions about where your child should focus their studies to give the best chance of exam success. 

  • Your child's marked paper will be returned to you at no additional cost with a full answer grid. This will enable you to go through the paper with your child working through any mistakes together.

Why SLC Tuition?

At SLC Tuition we pride ourselves on giving value for money to our customers and their children. We are the only Birmingham based mock exam provider to return marked papers and answer grids at no extra cost. Unlike other providers we only employ fully qualified staff to mark our mock exams and produce the mock exam reports which we send to parents. Our thorough approach to our work and dedicated nature of our staff mean that we provide the fullest and most valuable mock exam experience available.

What is the fee for SLC Tuition's mock exams?

In line with our ethos of providing a quality service at a reasonable price we offer each mock exam at just £35. This is significantly lower than most other providers who regularly charge between £50 - £75 per mock exam with no return of papers or answer grids.

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