"Sarah has been great with and for our daughter. Sarah has really helped and grades have improved a lot. Would highly recommend"

"Through tuition in our 11+ class our daughter has achieved entry to Camp Hill. We are over the moon - money well spent! Thank you!"

"Sarah is brilliant! Very friendly, professional and accommodating. Sarah is super organised and well prepared for each lesson. My daughter is getting so much confidence from each revision session for her chemistry gcse. We are so glad we found you Sarah! "

"Sarah is really supportive and has helped to boost my daughter`s confidence with maths again. She guides her and points her in the right direction rather than just telling her the answer. Sarah is easy to talk to and very friendly and appreciates the school workload that my daughter already has when setting tasks to do at home."

 "Sarah is an excellent tutor as she really goes the extra mile to make sure my daughter understands the topics of her AS level physics and boosted her confidence.
My daughter is really enjoying her lessons with Sarah and I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

"Sarah is a first rate tutor and has been integral to my son passing his 11+ exam, would highly recommend."

"Sarah is a great Biology tutor! She comes well prepared with pre-written notes and very approachable. Explain things clearly and the lessons are structured.

Would highly recommend Sarah."

"Sarah is extremely helpful and super friendly. I have adapted well to her tutoring style and it has allowed me to understand things much better. My understanding is tested through past paper questions that she provides which really help advance my application skills. Any questions I have are always well answered. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor."

"Thank you for tutoring my son and helping him get into KES, and I didn't have a clue how to help him, he probably wouldn't have done it without you!"

"I would highly recommend Sarah! She is professional but also a lovely genuine person therefore" making it easy to ask questions and go over topics you are finding difficult. All resources are printed on time for the tutoring session, in which she goes through and explains the key ideas and detailed processes. She has helped me increase in confidence during my course especially focussing on hard exam technique and questions.
I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs extra help during their studies."

"Sarah is very helpful and friendly and is great at clearly explaining each topic and at helping me with things I don't understand first time at school and I would recommend her to anyone"

"Sarah has been tutoring my Daughter since September of this year. We travel quite a distance to get to Sarah, but this is never an issue as my daughter is happy being tutored by Sarah. Sarah is very friendly, very thorough and she makes my daughter feel very welcome. She goes through things at a pace that suits my daughter and is very calm and understanding. She is very reassuring and doesn't mind going back over things if my daughter doesn't understand things first time around. Sometimes, just by having someone else explain things differently to you, makes all the difference - Sarah is very good at this. We would highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking for tutoring."

"Sarah is a first class tutor. She understands current syllabuses/ methods of teaching and is patient, hardworking and has the ability to communicate difficult concepts. My daughter is finding this extra help extremely useful prior to sitting her GCSE. Sarah is punctual, professional, well planned and is also a very nice person too. Highly recommended"

"Sarah is tutoring my daughter in Maths for her GCSEs in summer 2018. My daughter has found her confidence with Maths over the past few months with Sarah's help. Sarah is guiding my daughter through the curriculum and setting clear topics to review at the sessions. We are both really pleased with progress. 5 stars!"

"Since starting chemistry tuition with Sarah our child's confidence in and enjoyment of the subject has soared."

"My daughter attended sessions with Sarah on the run up to her GCSEs as she felt she was struggling with science and maths. She thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with Sarah who helped her fill in the gaps in her knowledge. With Sarah’s help she achieved A* in all her double award science and her maths. Thank you Sarah"

"Sarah is tutoring my daughter for her A2 biology exams. She is friendly, very approachable and happy to discuss the pupils needs. My daughter enjoys the lessons and they seem to be helping her with her revision. Should my daughter achieve an A grade in the summer exams then I wouldn't hesitate to give Sarah a rating of 5 excellent!

My daughter has now received her A level results and she gained an A grade for biology so I would like to upgrade Sarah's rating to 5 as promised. Many thanks for all your help Sarah. She wouldn't have achieved an A without you.!!"

"Sarah is really helpful and is an excellent tutor. She helps me on my homework and gives me lots of past paper questions to do. I have also improved in my subjects and I hope to get better in the next 2 years so I can achieve my a level goals. I would definitely recommend her as she is a great tutor."

"My daughter is preparing for the A Levels in Chemistry and Biology in May/June 2017.
She found lessons with Sarah extremely helpful in both subjects and was able to improve her grades from C to A with expert coaching by Sarah for the last 1 year.
I highly recommend Sarah for any student aiming for A grades in Chemistry and Biology A Levels."

"Very satisfied with this tutor, we get through quite a lot of content within an hour. Provides lots of exam questions and exam question tips are very useful.We go through how to answer the exam questions how to get the most marks. Also helps me with my school work with no problems."

"Sarah started tutoring my son with 6 months left in his GCSE's. He had just completed his mocks and got ABBB in chemistry, biology, physics and maths. Through weekly sessions with feedback to me after each session he achieved 4 A* with close to 100 UMS in all 4 subjects. She has a very holistic approach and tailors her teaching to the student to help identify weaknesses and then generate a clear plan to achieve target grades. She offers a perfect learning environment at her home with excellent tea according to my son!. The ability to engage a teenager on a weekend to deliver effective learning is indeed a skill that Sarah possesses.
I have asked Sarah to continue working with my son into his A levels and is presently tutoring him for Chemistry and Biology. I am very confident he will again achieve top grades in these subjects with Sarah's support and guidance."

"My son has been to Sarah for a short time so far for GCSE Maths tutoring. His confidence had been well and truly knocked by the teaching at his school. I have already seen a difference in how he feels about the subject and he has come out from his sessions understanding things he was struggling with previously. Sarah has explained things differently to him and showed him simpler ways of working things out which have made him realise that he can do it after all! I am really pleased with the results so far and look forward to seeing my son's faith in his abilities grow as Sarah guides him towards his GCSE. Thank you Sarah!"

"Hello Sarah,
Thank you for your work with Izzy on her A level maths. We really appreciated your work with her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others. We may also contact you re tutoring with our other children as needed!"

"Sarah is a brilliant tutor who is very friendly and approachable. She is engaging and is always well prepared for the lesson. I would highly recommend her."

"Thanks to Sarah's eleven plus class our daughter built her confidence up enough to pass her exam and get to grammar school. We are so pleased and would highly recommend."

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